Fixtures & Gages

Fixtures and Gages

Tooling Technologies, Inc. understands fixturing. Our highly skilled designers are machinists and toolmakers who have worked diligently throughout many levels of the automotive and aerospace industries. Fixtures designed and built by TTI include:

Fixtures & Gages


Tooling Technologies Specializes in the Following Areas


Welding Fixtures

  • Resistance Spot Welding
  • MIG or TIG
  • Ultrasonic
  • Laser


Inspection Fixtures, Gages & Check Fixtures

Assembly Fixtures

Machining Fixtures

CMM Holding Fixtures


Our designers are ready to help your company achieve its goals.

Whether it’s a high volume automatic automotive application or the development of a uniquely specialized process, TTI is willing and able to pursue any challenge.

Contact TTI today to make your ideas become reality!