Tools & Dies

Tools and Dies

Tooling Technologies, Inc. houses a design department staffed with professionals ready to perform for you. We offer large progressive die & transfer specialists who provide complete turnkey design and building solutions, ensuring that each die we design is 100% detailed and delivered to you on paper, IGES, or DXF format. TTI has access to large bed presses from 100 ton up to 450 ton to guarantee that you have a high-quality working die before it leaves our facility. If desired, we will supply a tooling specialist for product trials at your own facility.

Designed and Manufactured by TTI


  • Progressive & Transfer Dies
  • Blanking Dies
  • Compound Dies
  • Draw Dies
  • Single Operation Dies

Whether it’s a high volume automatic automotive application or the development of a uniquely specialized process, TTI is willing and able to pursue any challenge.

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